Anschutz Exploration

About us

Anschutz Exploration Corporation has active oil and gas projects in Texas, Colorado, Wyoming, North Dakota, Illinois and New York. Every well our experienced professionals create is designed to minimize environmental impact while maximizing yield and performance.

We are committed to applying the best available technology to develop oil and natural gas resources, and bring them to the market safely and efficiently. Our technical experts have planned and drilled more than a million feet of vertical and horizontal wellbore since 2006. That's more than enough to connect New York City and Providence, Rhode Island. Our well designs have yielded commercially viable supplies of oil and gas in numerous U.S. and international locations.

Our professionals and leaders are recognized consistently by peers, contractors and regulatory agencies for outstanding achievements in geology and engineering. Our people also are known in the industry for focusing on safety and environmentally sound operating practices. As a proud member of the Anschutz Corporation, we attribute our success to a solid philosophy of hard work, entrepreneurship and lasting value.